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Travel Advice

Thinking about travelling somewhere exotic? In dire need of some travel advice?

At Murphy’s Chemist we offer an all-in-one travel advice service! In other words, we either provide advice or, if we can’t, direct you towards other agencies which can do that.

You don’t have to worry: we know which agencies have the most comprehensive information on each of the topics which might interest you.

After all, we’re pretty long in the business.

What You Need to Know

Prepare Well

Research the country you’re travelling to thoroughly before leaving. There are many sites that offer free information. We recommend:

What We Can Tell You

Then visit us for further information. We can provide you with many useful tips concerning your health while you’re travelling.

For example, we can:

Tell you which diseases are preventable by immunisation and what to do if they are;

Advise you about any vaccines or boosters you may need based on your travelling destination;

Give you some general information on whether you are allowed to take your medications on flights and how;

Tell you how you can minimise the risk of blood clots if the flight takes a longer period;

Update you with special information if you’re suffering from a specific medical condition such as diabetes;

Help you plan your medication requirements in advance based on the time period you’ll be spending abroad;

Inform you about restrictions concerning specific drugs and specific countries;

Advise you on which special medical items you may need (water purification tablets; first-aid packs) ;

Advise you about sunscreens, sun creams and sun safety.

While You’re Away

Don’t forget to protect yourself while you’re away. Common risks include insects, bad food and contaminated water, or sexually transmitted diseases. No matter where you are.


If, after coming back from your holidays, you’re experiencing some unusual condition – anything ranging from fever through vomiting and diarrhoea to persistent coughing – contact your doctor immediately!


Murphy’s Chemist has always been committed to understanding your medication needs, and to providing you with excellent prescription services.