For Regular Use Medications

What are Private Prescriptions?

Private prescriptions can be acquired from private practice doctors, and you are free to use them afterward to buy the medicine prescribed.

The General Medical Council offers no guidelines as far as the private prescription stationery is concerned; this means that, as long as it is authorised, it can be both printed and/or handwritten on almost any piece of paper. However, controlled drugs must be prescribed on FP10PCD.

Murphy’s Chemist guarantees the quality of each and every one of the medications it offers; they are all obtained from approved and genuine suppliers.

We strongly advise you to use private prescriptions only in licensed and registered pharmacies. There are many counterfeit drugs on the web. Purchasing drugs from unknown sources can be harmful and may even result in serious and life-threatening consequences.


Murphy’s Chemist has always been committed to understanding your medication needs, and to providing you with excellent prescription services.